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About : Zamioculcus Zamiifolia Plant

The ZZ plant has a rather unique-looking root system. Beneath the plants that you see above the soil are thick, potato-like roots known as rhizomes. These store water, which is why the plant can often be subject to over-watering but does well during droughts and places where frequent watering is not always easy. It is another reason the plant does so well indoors. The dark green color is an indication that they absorb light from even a minimum of sources, which makes them perfect for indoor use.

The ZZ plant has air purifying qualities for the indoor environment. They are able to thrive in areas with both low and high amounts of light. That plant displays small glossy leaves on stems that can grow up to 2 to 3 ft long indoors. Which you can keep in place bedroom, living room or office. This plant is beautiful in appearance and is full of very qualities. Today the pollution levels are too high we are not safe outside or nor inside the room. It has been approved by NASA, these plants not only brighten a living place. This plant helps in improving the air. And also gives 24X oxygen. And the air purifier is the best. Wherever you plant this plant, it draws all the aura of that place and produces positive energy, and Reduces stress.

Package Contains
  1. One healthy ZZ plant with nursery pot black or red 
  2. Plant height 8 to 10 inches 
  3. One user plants guide manual 
  4. Plant T tag

Plants Features 

  • It has been approved by NASA, these plants not only brighten a living place. This plant helps in improving the air.
  • Gave 24×7 oxygen, reduce the effect of carbon mono oxide, benzene or formaldehyde gases.
  • Negativity puller and brings positivism, happiness, and good luck.
  • Best indoor plant for gifting purposes, houses, offices, or restaurants.
  • The best place to place this plant is the living room, office desk dining room, or another shaded place.
  • This plant makes pollution-free and performs air purifiers.
  • The plants Grow up to 4 to 5 feet in height
Plant type: Indoor and shading place 
Pot size:  6 to 10-inch pot is required for the good growth of the plant.
Care and guide:

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