Vermicompost Soil for Plants 5Kg

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About Product: Vermicompost

  • Vermicompost stimulates to influence the microbial activity of the soil.
  • Organic manure helps plant growth by improving the nutrients in the soil.
  • Organic manure is an important food of your home garden plants. in Which all macro neutrons occur.
  • Which helps to keep the plant healthy and healthy.
  • With this, all plants grow well.
  • Soil production increases potency.
  • Like - plants do not have insects, after putting this manure in a plant.
  • Which does not have fruits or flowers, fruits and flowers start coming in it.
  • increases the availability of oxygen,
  • maintains normal soil temperature,
  • improves nutrient content, and increases the growth,
  • yield, and quality of the plant.
Product Contain

Net Weight :
MRP             :
Expiry Date    :

4900 gm.
3 years after the date of packing

Uses Manure

  • This compost should be added up to 100 grams per square feet. And again in 20 to 25 days should be put again.
  • 12-inch pot – 100gm.
  • 16-inch pot – 200gm.
  • 20-inch pot – 400gm.
  • 24-inch pot – 1kg.


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