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Plantogallery Pincushion Peperomia( Peperomia Ferreyrae) succulent plant

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Package Contain One Pincushion Peperomia plant One plastic nursery Pot black color Size 4-5 Inch. Plant Height Approx.1 to 2...
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Package Contain

  • One Pincushion Peperomia plant
  • One plastic nursery Pot black color Size 4-5 Inch.
  • Plant Height Approx.1 to 2 Feet.
  • Free Caring Guide Manual Inside The Order.

Key features

  • Typical water needs for a succulent
  • No or full sun is not tolerated
  • Plant grows up to 6″ (15 cm) tall
  • Plant grows up to 8″ (21 cm) wide

  • Zone 9a (Minimum 20° F | -6.7° C)
  • Not cold hardy
  • Propagation by cuttings, leaves, offsets
  • Generally non-toxic to humans and animals
  • Winter Dormant

Udanta For more information Related to This Products we are Providing you the fully Guide Booklet Inside the Order which is helps you in to Grow your flowers bulbs easily and gives you the best ever result

Type: Evergreen plant.

Care: Easily care and maintained.

Suitable: Outdoor & Shaded Area.

Use: Decoration and Purpose.




Peperomia Ferreyrae is a small semi-succulent perennial species from the family Piperaceae. This variety of Peperomia is native to Peru and the rain forests of South America.

The scientific name of the Peperomia plant refers to its connection to the pepper plant. Peperomia comes from two Greek words peperi meaning pepper and homoios meaning resembling.

It’s known by the following common names:

1 Pincushion peperomia

2 Happy bean

3 Bean plant peperomia

4 Green bean peperomia

Peperomia Ferreyrae Care

Size & Growth

Despite the fact the scientific name of the peperomia happy bean plant refers to its relationship with the pepper family, it has a different appearance than most other peperomias, which display rounded leaves. The pincushion Peperomia Ferreyrae plant grows up to 12” inches tall and features narrow, slender, and glabrous lime green leaves, which are peapod shaped and grow along thick and erect green stems up to 3” inches.

Flowering and Fragrance

Peperomia Ferreyra produces clusters of yellow flowers, but they are tiny and inconsequential and hold no value in comparison to the unique foliage.

Light & Temperature

The plant grows best with bright light for part of the day. But, it can survive in lower light conditions, partial shade or under artificial grow light.

It cannot tolerate direct sunlight or full sun. The ideal temperature range for this species of pepper family is 65° – 75° degrees Fahrenheit (18° – 24° C). The Peperomia Ferreyra plant is not winter hardy. It cannot tolerate temperatures below 50° degrees Fahrenheit (10° C). Besides the warmer temperatures, pincushion peperomia likes humid conditions. The natural humidity level at room temperature is fine in most cases. Place a pebble tray filled with water under the plant if the air gets dry during the summer months. Or, mist the leaves to maintain the humidity levels in hot, dry weather. The plant grows in USDA hardiness zones 9b to 11.


Products Images is an only for a reference purpose. Actual plants may vary in shape or appearance based on the climate, age, height or etc.


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Plantogallery Pincushion Peperomia( Peperomia Ferreyrae) succulent plant
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