Udanta ® I Spathiphyllum Peace Lily Flower Plant Best Indoor Plant & Air Purifier Plant

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Package Contain

  • One Peace Lily Flower Plant.
  • One Plastic Nursery Pot Black/Red 4/5 inches.
  • Plant Height Approx. 1To 2 Feet.
  • Free Caring Guide Manual Inside The Order.


    • Gave 24×7 oxygen, reduce the effect of carbonmono oxide ,benzene or formaldehyde gases.
    • NASA approved indoor plant.
    • Negativity puller and brings positivist , happiness and good luck .
    • Best indoor plant for houses, office , or restaurant.
    • Low maintenance watering only thrice a week.
    • Need fertilizer n.p.k in 2 to 3 months
    • Low light loving plants
    • Best place to place this plant is living room, office desk dining room or other shaded place.
    • white colour flower this is the beauty of the plants. And this is the symbol of happiness.
    • What you get with the order
    • One peace Lilly (spathiphyllum) plant along with 6″nursery pot.
    • Free indoor plant soil and fertilizer and instruction manual.

    Plants Caring

    • The care of this plant is very short and easy.
    • In this plant, only organic N.P.K. fertilizer is used after 2 to 3 month.
    • Which you use 2 gm dissolved in one liter of water and spray it on the plant.
    • It does not have to add much water. The lower the water usage, the better the plants will grow.
    • Watering should be added 2 times only 100 to 150 grams in a week, and in winter, water should be poured once in 10 to 15 days.
    • Once a week the leaves of the plant should be cleaned with a spray.
    • Because the leaves of plants have small holes, which are closed due to dust.
    • Due to which the plants are unable to breathe and this is the reason that the plants start deteriorating.
    • Apart from this, there is no need to add anything to this plant.
    • Your plant will remain healthy and grow well.
    • This one plant produces many small plants. When it grows small plants in this plant.
    • You remove them and grow them easily in a separate pot.

      About product: Peace lily

      • Peace Lilly (Spathiphyllum) is the one of the best indoor house plant which is easily to maintain. this plant is a boon given by creator.
      • This plant is beautiful in appearance and is full of very qualities. today the pollution levels is too high we are not safe outside or nor inside the room.
      • This plant cleans the room’s air by removing the contaminated air inside the room and gave fresh oxygen .
      • it reduce harmful or toxic gases (carbon mono oxide, benzene or formaldehyde ) inside the room’s.
      • peace Lilly is famous by the name of best air cleaning indoor plant. in an a research conducted by NASA was found peace Lilly is best indoor plant for air purification inside the room’s.
      • we place this plant inside the room’s offices, study table, dining rooms, receptions, living room, bed room’s etc places.
      • Spathiphyllum is a latin word its mean peace and prosperity.it is believed that keeping this plant inside  the house and office gives peace and prosperity .
      • if we place this plant inside the house and office it create the positive aura at that place and we will feel relax or stress free and far away from the negative energy.

      Type: Evergreen plant.

      Care: Easily care and maintained.

      Suitable: Outdoor & Shaded Area.

      Use: Decoration and Purpose.

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