Udanta ® I Pongamia Pinnata- Millettia Pinnata (Karanj Tree) Plant Seeds

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Product Type: Plant Seeds

Color Type: White/Purple/Pink

Suitable In: outdoor

Germination Rate: 70% to 95%

Physical Purity: 98%

Sowing Time: April To August

Flowering Time: February To November

Package Contain                      
  • Pack Of 10 Seeds
  • Germination Guide


Point 1: This is used for the treatment of tumors, piles, skin diseases, and ulcers.

Point 2: Pongamia root is effective for treating gonorrhea, cleaning gums, teeth, and ulcers.

Point 3: This is used in vaginal and skin diseases.

Instruction And User Manual

How To Germination Seeds: Read more....

Caring Tips: Read more....

Preparation Of Soil: Read more....

Other Details

Weight: 10gm

Dimension: 20x15x1


Note: Please Carefully Read Our Germination And Caring Tips.

Common Name: Seashore Mempari, Pongam, Indian Beech, Poonga Oil Tree, Karum Tree

Scientific Name: Cytisus pinnatus

Family: Fabaceae (Leguminosae)

About Products

Description: Pongamia pinnata is a legume tree that grows to about 15–25 m in height, The imparipinnate leaves of the tree optional they are soft, shiny burgundy when young. Flowering generally starts after 3–4 years with small clusters of white, purple, and pink flowers blossoming throughout the year.

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