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About Nargis Flower

It is known by many names depending on the region in which it is found. The daffodil Narcissus Poeticus derives its name from the Greek legend of a young and beautiful hunter named Narcissus. Mainly grown in Kashmir, Nargis is now cultivated in the hills of Himachal.

In India, narcissus is lily-like perennials with many narrow, strap-like leaves, and a single flower stalk, all arising from an underground bulb. The leaves grow upward, then fall out and down, and are up to 6-30 inches in length. The fragrance is sweet, floral (of course) and very refreshing. You know, there are some fragrances that no one can dislike - it's exactly that kind of fragrance.


Feature of Nargis Flower 

Plantogallery® provide the best quality flower bulbs

Pack of 2 bulbs best quality

Flowering start: 40 to 50 days after sowing

Caring - No special care low maintenance

Planting - easy to grow any pots planters, home gardening, terrace gardening, and borders, and more places


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