Udanta ® I Marigold Inca Orange Color Flower Seeds

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Product Type: Flower Seeds

Color Type: Orange

Suitable In: outdoor

Germination Rate: 70% to 90%

Physical Purity: 98%

Sowing Time: June To January

Flowering Time: September To March

Package Contain                      

  • Pack Of 20 Seeds
  • Germination Guide


Point 1: Inca II Marigolds are sure to become the star attraction of your flower beds!

Point 2: They germinate vigorously, are easy to grow and bloom non-stop through the heat of summer until frost.

Point 3:  The enormous double flowers are up to 5 in. across, come in a vibrant mix of yellow, orange and gold, and cover the plants.

Instruction And User Manual

How To Germination Seeds: Read more....

Caring Tips: Read more....

Preparation Of Soil: Read more....

Other Details

Weight: 10gm

Dimension: 20x15x1


Note: Please Carefully Read Our Germination And Caring Tips.

Common Name:Marigold Jafri, genda

Scientific Name: Marigold

Family: Asteraceae

About Products

Description: Marigolds are native to subtropical America and have been cultivated in Mexico for over 2,000 years. Marigold cultivars are usually sold as part of a series with similar growth characteristics and a wide range of colors. African marigolds (Tagetes erecta) have large, double flowers and bloom from midsummer to frost.Common garden marigolds are annuals, but because they self-sow, sometimes they are mistakenly identified as perennials. Even in regions with mild winters free of frost, marigolds grow as annuals, with bloom development fading in fall.

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