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The Kalanchoe Orange is a perennial succulent with thick leaves and eye-catching crimson-orange flowers that grow in clusters through the year. Easy to grow and care for, the kalanchoe will fill your room with color without much effort. All that it needs is a patch of sunshine.

Plants caring tips 

The care of this plant is very low and easy. After 20 to 25 days in this plant, vermicompost should be added from 50 to 100 grams per plant. Which improves plant growth, and grows well. When the plant is in flowering stage, it should be dissolved in 1 teaspoon of 5 litters of water using fertilizer (N.P.K.) 19.19.19. Or you can also use Epsom salt. Due to which the flowers will bloom very well in the plant. Water should be added after 3 to 4 days (as the soil dries). Water should never be poured in the afternoon. Because by pouring water in the afternoon, the water becomes hot in the sun and damages the plant due to which the plant deteriorates quickly. Therefore water should be poured in the evening. Follow these steps, enjoy beautiful flowers and blissful growth in the plant.


  • This plant has very interesting leaves and flowers.
  • Kalanchoe blossfeldiana By far the most popular Kalanchoe, with large flower heads in a variety of colours.
  • We have red, pink, yellow, or white colour available here.
  • Kalanchoe leaf will produce small plants with margins.
  • kalanchoe plants give perfect look in the your home and garden.
  • This plant grows easily for a long time in any pot larger than 10 inches.

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