Udanta ® I Dahlia Double Flower Sapling | for All Season | Charming Sapling | Set of 5 Sapling

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This is a hybrid dahlia double flower sapling plants, in which big flowers come on small height. And grow easily in any place and always perform well. This dahlia can have red, yellow, pink, orange, white and many more colors. This Dahlia Plant Grows All Season.

  • Set of 5 live healthy sapling plants
  • Blooming start within 30 to 40 days after planting
  • Best attractive dahlia double flower plants. planting any place like home gardening, terrace gardening, balcony gardening or borders and more places.
  • The Dahlia compound flowers may be white, yellow, red, or purple in color.
  • Caring: no special care normal soil and any organic vermicompost.
Package Contain

Set of 5 Sapling

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