Udanta ® I Cycas Indoor Palm for Home

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  • Pack of 1 Plant.
  • Plant height: 1 to 2 Feet.
  • Pots Size: 4 to 5” black or red nursery pot.
  • One Plant T Tag.
  • Plants Caring Guide Book.


  • Reachable Plant Height: 7 to 10 feet.
  • Plant Type: Outdoor Plant.
  • Caring: Water thoroughly then allow the soil to dry slightly between watering. Waterless in winter when growth has slowed.
  • Soil Type: Medium moisture, well-draining soil; for potted houseplants, use a sandy soil-based potting mix.
  • Common Name: sago palm, king sago, sago cycad, Japanese sago palm.
  • Scientific Name: Cycas revoluta.
  • Family: Cycadaceae.


  • The plant should get 2-3 hours of sunlight a day.
  • Climate: 15 to 45 Degree. 
  • Watering: Water regularly while letting the soil mix dry on the surface before watering. In spring and summer.
  • Manure Use: use any organic manure after 20 to 25 days.
  • Which Time Use Fertilizers: Fertilizers should be used once or twice a month. Any fertilizer can be used.



Water whenever the soil feels dry to the touch, making sure never to overwater to the point of soggy soil. Slightly reduce watering in the winter when the plant is not actively growing. If insects are found in the plant, then they should be treated with Neem oil or pesticide at the appropriate time.


Sago Palm leaves are pinnately compound, dark green color on a thick shaggy trunk. The trunk is very low to subterranean in young plants but lengthens above ground with age. Plants are relatively slow-growing. They grow 7-10 ft tall in 15 to 20 years. Leaves are 2-3 ft long, deep green with decorative feathery leaflets.  It is a popular garden and house plant all over the world.


Products Images is an only for a reference purpose. Actual plants may vary in shape or appearance based on the climate, age, height or etc.



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