Udanta ® I Butea monosperma - Palash, Sacred Tree Plant Seeds

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Product Type: Plant Seeds

Color Type: Green/White

Suitable In: outdoor

Germination Rate: 70% to 90%

Physical Purity: 98%

Sowing Time: June To August

Flowering Time: January To June

Package Contain                      

  • Pack Of 20 Seeds
  • Germination Guide


Point 1: According To Vayupurana The Plant Originated From The Right Side Of Yama's Body. This Beautiful Tree Is Sacred To Both Hindus And Buddhists. ...

Point 2: It Also Helps To Manage Liver Disorders Due To Its Antioxidant Properties.

Point 3: The Middle Leaflet Of The Trifoliate Leaves Of This Plant Is Supposed To Represent Vishnu, The Left Brahma, And The Right Shiva; Hence Its Worship In Chaturmas Mahatma.

Point 4: Palash Is Mainly Used To Get Rid Of Worms From The Stomach Due To Its Anthelmintic Activity.

Point 5: It Can Be Used To Manage Diarrhoea As It Has Antimicrobial And Astringent Properties. It Also Helps To Manage Liver Disorders Due To Its Antioxidant Properties.

Instruction And User Manual

How To Germination Seeds: Read more....

Caring Tips: Read more....

Preparation Of Soil: Read more....

Other Details

Weight: 10gm

Dimension: 20x15x1


Note: Please Carefully Read Our Germination And Caring Tips.

Common Name:  flame-of-the-forest, Palash, and bastard teak.

Scientific Name: Legumes

Family: Rutaceae    

About Products

Description: It is used for timber, resin, fodder, medicine, and dye. The wood is dirty white and soft. Being durable underwater, it is used for well-curbs and water scoops. Spoons and ladles made of this tree are used in various Hindu rituals to pour ghee into the fire.

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