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About Boston Fern

With its mass of lush green foliage, the Boston Fern is thought to be one of the best air purifying house plants. This evergreen plant not only helps to rid the home of harmful toxins.  it improves humidity by helping to restore moisture to the air naturally too. Because of these air-purifying properties, the Boston Fern is said to offer real health benefits to those who suffer from dry skin or irritably dry noses or throats. They look super stylish when hung around the home in macramé hangers.

Caring Tips for Boston Fern

  • The care of this plant is very short and easy.
  • In this plant, only organic N.P.K. fertilizer is used after 2 to 3 months.
  • Which you use 2 gm dissolved in one liter of water and spray it on the plant.
  • Water your ferns regularly so that their soil is always moist but not damp.
  • Once a week the leaves of the plant should be cleaned with a spray.
  • Because the leaves of plants have small holes, which are closed due to dust.
  • Due to which the plants are unable to breathe and this is the reason that the plants start deteriorating.
  • Apart from this, there is no need to add anything to this plant.
  • Your plant will remain healthy and grow well.
  • Boston ferns can be placed in a hanging basket or any pot, or planter. This plant grows very well. And one plant is too many plants.
  • You remove them and grow them easily in a separate pot.

Features Of Boston Fern

  • Package contains – One Boston Fern live plant with pot.
  • This evergreen plant not only helps to rid the home of harmful toxins.
  • Formaldehyde and xylene.
  • Increasing oxygen levels.
  • Best indoor plant for houses, offices, or restaurants.
  • The best place to place this plant is the living room, office desk dining room, or another shaded place.
  • This plant makes pollution-free and performs air purifiers.
  • Replace artificial plants and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Low light-loving plants.
  • Low maintenance - Watering twice a week in the evening.
  • Need fertilizer n.p.k in one time 2 to 3 months.
  • How to easy caring of plants please read our product description.
  • Plantogallery gave u 24 × 7 support and after-sale services.
  • For any queries message us in the chatbox given below. we have more collections of indoor plants go in the search box and type indoor plants.

Package Contain

  • One Boston Fern plant.
  • One plastic nursery Pot black colour Size 4-5 Inch.
  • Plant Height Approx. 5 to 10 inches.
  • Free Caring Guide Manual Inside The Order.

Type: Evergreen plant.

Care: Easily care for and maintained.

Suitable: Outdoor & Shaded Area.

Use: Decoration and Purpose.

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