Udanta ® I Bone Meal Organic Manure Powder for Plants 900 gm

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About Bone Meal Fertilizer

Bone meal fertilizer is organic manure rich in phosphorus, calcium, and nitrogen recommended for all crops. It is especially good for better root development and increased yield. Major ingredients- crushed bones dosage- Labtec bone meal is only used for basal application. Apply 50 g to 1 kg at the basin of the plant depending on the size and age.

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900 gm.
3 years after the date of packing

 Benefits of Bone Meal Organic Manure Powder 

  • This rich source of phosphorous and calcium is best for fruit and flower development on your plant.
  • It promotes the healthy growth of the plant.
  • It also helps in developing a good root and system and improves the efficient absorption of nutrients.
  • Instrumental in quick & effective bloom in crops.


  • 12-inch pot – 50 gm
  • 16-inch pot – 100 gm
  • 20-inch pot – 200 gm
  • 24-inch pot – 400 gm
  • In the garden, 100 gm should be applied according to the per square feet area.


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