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Plantogallery I Alocasia Mortfontanensis Indoor Air Purifying Ear Plant

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Package Contains One plant 4 to 5-inch nursery pot red or black Plant height 5 to 10 inches Plant gifting...
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Package Contains

  1. One plant
  2. 4 to 5-inch nursery pot red or black
  3. Plant height 5 to 10 inches
  4. Plant gifting ribbon
  5. Plant T tag
  6. Plants caring and guide book

Features of Alocasia Mortfontanesis Indoor Plant

  • Alocasia is a fairly popular decorative houseplant.
  • Different shades of green and yellow appear through the leaves
  • Known as elephant's ear
  • This gave 24 × 7 oxygen, reduces the effect of carbon mono oxide, benzene or formaldehyde gases.
  • Increasing oxygen levels.
  • Negativity puller and brings positivism, happiness, and good luck.
  • The best place to place this plant is the living room, office desk dining room, or another shaded and indoor place.
  • This plant makes pollution-free and performs air purifiers. Replace artificial plants and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Low maintenance - Watering twice a week in time evening.

   About Alocasia Mortfontanesis Indoor Plant

  • Reachable plant height: 7 to 10 feet
  • Required Normal pot size: 5 to 12 inches
  • Type of plants: air-purifying plant  
  • Flowering: no – its colorful leaves

      Requirement Alocasia Mortfontanesis Indoor Plant

      • Suitable: Indoor and shading plant
      • Temperature: The best temperature is 10 to 20 degrees Celsius
      • Watering: Low watering twice a week in the evening time.
      • Soil: Must have garden soil, cocopeat, perlite, vermiculite, river sand, and vermicompost mix
      • • Fertilizer: Use NPK fertilizer in 1-2 months one time 2 gm per liter of water and mix well to spray it.

      Plants Re-Potting

      If the pot of the plant is small then only re-pot the plant. First, prepare the soil. Then fill a little soil in the pot, and plant the plant comfortably inside it, so that the roots do not break, then add the prepared soil in the pot and fill the pot. Add some water and keep it in a shady place.

      By keeping it in a shady place, the plant feels relaxed and grows faster.

      Plant Protection

      From time to time, the leaves of the plant fall so that new leaves can come. Do not panic when the leaves fall, if the leaves of the plant start getting damaged, then they should be removed, otherwise, the plant starts to deteriorate. If insects are found in the plant, they should be treated with neem oil or insecticide at the appropriate time.


      The elephant's ear is a hybrid variety that has sparkle an appropriately popular gorgeous house plant and is one of the easy to find and from the Alocasia genus. Different shades of green and yellow appear through the leaves when sunlight hits the leaves which is an attractive sight. During sunny months, and Alocasia can produce a new leaf every week, and each new leaf may be twice the size of the past leaf. Alocasia plants grow best in high humidity. To increase the humidity around a house plant, place the plant on a tray filled with pebbles and water.

      Common Name: Alocasia, elephant ears, African mask
      Scientific Name: Alocasia cucullata
      Family: Araceae

      Plants Caring: Read more

      Products Images is an only for a reference purpose. Actual plants may vary in shape or appearance based on the climate, age, height or etc.

      Click on this link - Indoor plantsAir purifier PlantsPlants

      Plantogallery I Alocasia Mortfontanensis Indoor Air Purifying Ear Plant
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