Butterfly Palm - Areca Palm Miniature Air Purifying Indoor Plants

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Package Contains
  1. Pack of one plant
  2. Container Size 4 to 5” nursery pot black or red
  3. Plant height 10 to 12”
  4. One ribbon for plant
  5. Plant name T tag
  6. Plants Maintenance Guide

Features What Makes It Special

  • The Arica palm plant cleans the air better than most other indoor plants.
  • Gave 24 × 7 oxygen, reduces the effect of carbon mono oxide, benzene or formaldehyde gases.
  • Increasing oxygen levels.
  • Best indoor plant for houses, offices, or restaurants, and more places.
  • This plant makes pollution-free and performs air purifiers.
  • Replace artificial plants and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Low light-loving indoor air purifying plants.

About Product

  • Reachable plant height: 4 to 5 feet
  • Required Normal pot size: 5 to 10 inches
  • Type of plants: air-purifying plants

Plants Requirement

  • Suitable: Indoor and shading place
  • Temperature: 7 to 30 degree Celsius
  • Watering: Watering thrice a week in the evening 100ml at one time.
  • Soil: Best soil cocopeat, perlite, vermiculite, and vermicompost mix
  • Fertilizer: Use any organic manures and fertilizers after one month
  • Special manure for palm plants: Break brick sawdust and raw coal and use it in the plant once in 1 month, the plant will grow very well.

 Common Name: Areca palm, bamboo palm, butterfly palm, mini palm

Scientific Name: Dypsis lutescens
Family: Arecaceae

Plants Re-Potting
If the pot of the plant is read more….

Plant Protection
From time to time, the read more…

Plants Caring: Read more


Areca Palm is an indoor/outdoor plant. Which grow easily in the shade outside and also inside the house. This has long green leaves. Which are very bright. Due to which the beauty of the plant never diminishes. This is not only used for decoration, but it also provides 24x7 oxygen. And the air purifier is the best. Health benefits of Areca Palm. Absorbs pollutants. Areca palm plants help in absorbing indoor air pollutants like acetone, xylene, and toluene. The most noteworthy role of areca palm benefits is its ability to cleanse and purify the air around the room. A study operated by Wolverton proves that the areca palm is an effective air-purifying houseplant. It can remove various harmful chemicals that are responsible for allergy symptoms and respiratory problems.

Products Images is an only for a reference purpose. Actual plants may vary in shape or appearance based on the climate, age, height or etc.

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