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ABOUT GLOXONIA flower bulb

Name  Sinningia speciosa
Family – Gesneriaceae
Type – perennial, indoor plant

Height – 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 cm)
Exposure – part sun
Soil – rich enough, soil mix

Foliage – evergreen
Blooming – May to October


  • It bodes well to water regularly but not too much.
    Also mist the leaves often enough to recreate the proper moisture level.
  • At the end of the blooming season (October), slowly reduce watering and stop it completely when the leaves have died.
    Let the plant hibernate by placing it in a darker, cooler room (about 50 to 60°F (10 to 15°C).
  • Come February/March, start watering again and place your plant in a more luminous, warmer room, 65 to 72°F (18 to 22°C).
  • As early as May you can even bring it outdoors, still not in direct sun but all the while maintaining proper light.
DESCRIPTION In the early 19th century, in 1815, this flower was introduced in England under the horticultural name Gloxinia. However, research showed that this “Florist’s Gloxinia” is only distantly related to the actual Gloxinia family (or genus).

This very beautiful perennial, native to Brazil, will grant you abundant flowering during a large portion of the year.

Caring for it is relatively easy if the guidelines mentioned above are properly followed.

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